1. sportsgeekonomics:

    Jay Bilas asked me for a reading list of economic literature on the NCAA as a cartel. This is from a growing list I keep for whenever I get asked that question. if you have any additional recommendations, let me know and I’ll add them:

    Arnold, Roger A., “Microeconomics,” 9th Edition. 2008.

  2. suckmydicknewyorker:

    "He died doing what he loved: sucking someone’s dick in this cubicle."


  3. nbaoffseason:

    Iggy is binge watching Game of Thrones & just saw the “Red Wedding” episode.

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  4. 1e4h:

    ' You can go crazy too, but dont ever come back' by Daniel Johnston

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  5. beefranck:


    THANK! i’ve been waiting for this <3

    Love it. <3

    ilana glazer is a hero. 

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  6. jordanmorris:

    Important:  This is a deleted scene from Ed Wood.

  7. marriedtotheseacomics:

    Party like its 1985. From Married To The Sea.

  8. craigsagerssuits:

    YES! My two faves! Craig Sager & bennythebull

    now thats a tribute .. #getwellsager

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  10. champagnemanagement:

    happy easter!!!! squat out a peep for jesus!!

  12. jonnynegron:

    summer’s almost over. you may recognize these suits from a previous drawing. it’s for sale

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  13. comedycentral:

    Everyone’s going to be walking and talking about this Aaron Sorkin parody from tonight’s new Inside Amy Schumer.

    this is so pitch perfect and I’ll watch anything Sorkin makes.  Amy Schumer rules. 

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  14. thejogging:

    Doritorient, 2014


    The jogging seems to be sometimes just Wacky Packages remade for the disillusioned. 

  15. marsian-night:


    Next fall Finland’s postal service publishes Tom of Finland’s homoerotic drawings as stamps.

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