1. luckypeach:

    check out what lisahanawalt is up to when she’s not gorging at the buffets in las vegas: 

    One more month until BoJack!! YEEHAW!

  2. morphele:

    Bart Box Uno!

  3. play-like-a-stone:

    Shots. Fired.

    Truth spoken.

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  4. howtosharpenpencils:

    GOING DEEP discussion topic: “WHAT IS A HOLE?”

    Please review this seminar/argument about the ontology of holes before watching tonight’s episode of GOING DEEP WITH DAVID REES, entitled “HOW TO DIG A HOLE” (immediately followed by “HOW TO FLIP A COIN”).

    Yes, our show has homework assignments! Summer school is in session.

    (The show is on NatGeo at 10PM EST.)

    tonight 10pm people


  5. gagosiangallery:

    these are insane and good


  7. tavr0ss said: what does puta mean?


    It means companion or best friend :)

  8. 4 new little ones

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  10. new painting

  11. dollmeat7:

    Barbarella - 1968 (Jane Fonda)

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  13. annetdonahue:

    If there’s any justice in the world.

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  14. He’s useless in a hospital!

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